Fashion ECommerce website with membreship system and function of searching products and brands from looks arranged by professional stylists.


Aboveu used Word Press for their website, where they were showcasing articles, but their EC was built with another platfrom and was devided from the main site. It caused a lot of inconvinience for both customers and the company itself.


As a solution to their problem, Aboveu wanted to build a website, which would be designed exactly as they want and at the same time have powerful CMS and editing features to let them easily manage the content.

Next, the point of the website was to let customers explore produtcs through showcasing looks designed by professional stylits and exposing brand strories.

Finally, the need was to allow users to save their data on a website and let them add products and stylings to favourites to buy later.


What LikePay did is that we proposed using Websflow instead of Word Press, because of its high design capabilities and easily manageble CMS and EC features. In this way we could transfer Client's Adode XD design into Webflow site and we did it pixel perfectly. Next, we could combine blog and EC features all within one website, providing a better seamless user experience for client's customers. Finally, we integrated Webflow with Memberstack and Zapier to build memberships and connect everything with client's mailing system.



Scope of work

Webflow Development, Integrations



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